Created the video Installation for - Aldebarã by Marco Paiva

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Portugal, 2118. Earth’s natural resources are depleted and it is necessary to find another planet to inhabit – Destination: Aldebarã star. Mission: To avoid human extinction. Crew: Futuristic argonauts, misfits that planet Earth has rejected.

ALDEBARÃ is a theatrical performance for the youth, which takes as inspiration the mythological journeys of heroes such as Ulisses, Aeneas, and Jason. On an expedition to the unknown, this play explores issues such as otherness, diversity and language construction. This project was created by Terra Amarela cultural association, with a cast of interpreters-creators whose profiles stand on an enriching difference. An uncommon crew on a challenging adventure and a new way to look at the world.

Photography: Alípio Padilha

Cast and Creative

Direction Marco Paiva Text Alex Cassal
 Cast Joana Honório, Tânia Alves and Tony Weaver Scenography Marco Paiva and Nuno Samora Light design Nuno Samora
 Video Mário Melo Costa
 Original score José Alberto Gomes Production Terra Amarela Plataforma de Criação Artística Inclusiva
 Coproduction LU.CA Teatro Luís de Camões, Cine-Teatro louletano (Loulé) and A Oficina de Guimarães