VIDEO-INSTALATION for The Two Fiddlers Opera - Berliner Philharmoniker

Children’s opera with Simon Rattle and the Vocal Heroes

When goblins grant a wish, things can only end badly – as the fiddler Gavin, the hero of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies’s children’s opera based on an ancient legend The Two Fiddlers, finds out to his cost. In addition to musicians of the Berliner Philharmoniker and Sir Simon Rattle, the performers are young instrumentalists and the Vocal Heroes project choir. The concert will be broadcast free of charge in the Digital Concert Hall.

Sir Simon Rattle Artistic Direction

Simon Halsey Artistic Direction Choirs

Florian Hoffmann Storm

Günter Papendell Gavin

Iwona Sobotka Queen

Konrad Jarnot King

Joaquín Riquelme García Tramp

Vocal Heroes Level 2 Trolls

Berliner Community Chor Villagers

Raphael Haeger Rehearsal Orchestra

Berliner Philharmoniker and Young Instrumentalists

Tobias Walenciak Rehearsal Choirs

Ela Baumann Staging

Christophe Linéré Costumes

Mário Melo Costa Video Design

Peter Maxwell Davies

The Two Fiddlers Opera in two acts for young people to play and sing, libretto by the composer from a short story by George Mackay Brown

Mário Melo Costa, Ela Baumann, Christophe Linéré

Sir Simon Rattle Artistic Direction, Simon Halsey Artistic Direction Choirs, Florian Hoffmann Storm, Günter Papendell Gavin, Iwona Sobotka Queen, Konrad Jarnot King, Joaquín Riquelme GarcíaTramp, Vocal Heroes Level 2 Trolls, Berliner Community Chor Villagers, Raphael Haeger Rehearsal Orchestra, Berliner Philharmoniker and Young Instrumentalists , Tobias Walenciak Rehearsal Choirs, Ela Baumann Staging, Christophe Linéré Costumes, Mário Melo Costa Video Design